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These programs cater both for children who are just beginning their water education and also those who have progressed through the Infant and Toddler programs.

3 to 3 1/2 Years

Children in this age group sometimes have difficulty following instructions and learn more through play and fun activities to develop water familiarization, confidence and skills.

The elementary stroke of dog paddle is taught to gain independent movement quickly.  We use appropriate aids ie back bubbles and/or wings.  Safe behaviour in and around the water is emphasized.

4 to 5 Years. Experienced and New Learners.

The aim for this group is achieve confidence and independence and to master elementary skills of movement in water and breath control.  This is achieved through exploration, fun and games.  We teach the elementary stroke of dog paddle first as it encourages confidence and enables independent movement before breath control is mastered.

Once a confident dog paddle has been established the emphasis is on water safety education and skill development.

When children are developmentally and aquatically ready the elementary stroke techniques for freestyle and backstroke are introduced with the emphasis on good technique and correct body position.

Once water awareness, water confidence and independence have been achieved pupils are introduced to more complex safety skills ie. floating, kicking, and breath control.

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