Quality Family Learning
Our Philosophy

Participation in aquatic activities should be a happy experience for all children.  Children must be able to learn at their own pace.

Our experienced and qualified teachers will give your child every opportunity to learn to develop water safety skills in a controlled and happy environment.

Realistic goals are based on the evaluation of needs and abilities of each individual child.

We provide programs for Baby, Toddler, Pre School, Beginners, Experienced Learners, Advanced Learners, Junior and Senior Pre Squad classes.

Irrespective of their swimming ability, children are never safe when in and around water and must be under constant supervision at all times.

At our swim school we believe every baby should be encouraged in an individual way and to ensure learning is at a relaxed enjoyable rate, focusing on encouragement not force, where learning is rewarded with praise and hugs

Our lessons are structured to stimulate development, provide social interaction, enjoyment and water safety awareness.

Babies are taught at the individual child's level of readiness in a very gentle controlled way. Submersion only occurs when baby shows a learned response.

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