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Learning water skills is one of the most important parts of your child's education.  Swimming is a LIFE SKILL as important as the 3 R's .
Water familiarization and water safety skills are our highest priority, followed by skill development in the various strokes.  Our first priority is to make your child feel at ease and confident in the water.  Children of a similar age have a very varied  range of abilities and confidence levels.  Each child learns and progresses at his/her own individual rate.  No pupil is ever held back or pushed because of limitations or pressures of the rest of the class.  Our classes are structured in such a way to enable and encourage your child to work at his/her optimum level of skill in each lesson.  Each child receives an equal amount of attention.  Our classes are structured and all of our teachers are trained to teach the same way and each teacher's expectations are similar.  Our lesson format enables a relieving teacher to step in with minimum disruption to the lesson allowing children to still feel secure in this stable environment.

Skill Development

Emphasis is placed on activities which will assist the acquisition of better gross motor development so vital for good water skills.  Special purpose water activities and games are designed to achieve mobility, flexibility, balance, body awareness and confidence in the water.  Acquiring the art of breath control, propulsion, correct head position and correct and effective arm & leg movement together with  keeping afloat can be quite difficult for the beginner.  The use of appropriate aids can allow the child to concentrate on the task at hand.  We advocate the use of the bubble on the back, this aid does not inhibit body position or head, arm or leg movement.  Without the assistance of the bubble the child is focused on not sinking, instead of focusing on the development of the skills needed to perform the stroke correctly and efficiently.  The bubble is removed for turns with the teacher and discarded once the stroke can be performed competently without the bubble.

Participation in aquatic activities should be a happy experience for all children.  Children must be able to learn at their own pace.

Our experienced and qualified teachers will give your child every opportunity to learn to develop water safety skills in a controlled and happy environment.

Realistic goals are based on the evaluation of needs and abilities of each individual child.

We provide programs for Baby, Toddler, Pre-School, Beginners, Experienced Learners, Advanced Learners, Junior and Senior Pre Squad classes.

Irrespective of their swimming ability, children are never safe when in and around water and must be under constant supervision at all times.
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