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Our History

Award Swim
commenced operating at Mt Evelyn Special Developmental School in October 2001.

Classes ran on Tuesday’s between 4pm & 7pm & Saturday mornings.

Increased demand for lessons saw classes open on other days from Term 1, 2002.

We have not needed to advertise. Most of our clients come through “Word of Mouth”.


Our aim is to provide a “Family Friendly Specialist Swim School” where families can bring their young children to be introduced to the joys of the aquatic experience in a happy nurturing environment.


The original staff members have 30 years experience in the swim school industry.


The pool is not available for use during the day as it is in constant use by the school for their student hydrotherapy programs.


Most Infant & Preschool aquatic programs at other venues are conducted during the day so we are able to offer this service after normal hours.
This works well for working parents, especially dads who would otherwise not be involved with swimming lessons except for weekends.

Classes are now conducted after school hours Monday to Thursday from 3.30pm to 6.30pm & Saturday mornings 8.00am to 12pm.


We are unique in our teaching methods. We follow the philosophy & methodology introduced by Diny Van Dyk, an internationally recognised authority on Infant Aquatics.



We have structured lesson plans designed to enhance the progression of skills.

Our lesson plans enable us to maintain a high standard of teaching with consistency. This allows children, when changing classes or having a different teacher, having only to cope with the teachers’ personality not a completely different routine.  All teachers complete intensive in-house training before commencing their own classes.


Our basic philosophy carries over from the 3 month infant program through to our Pre-Squad classes.
As children progress through our
program the master plan will become evident no matter which area you
commence with.


Our programs are continually reviewed and updated to remain relevant to today’s pupils.


Membership of aquatic industry groups such as Swim Australia and ASCTA (Australian Swim Teachers & Coaches Assoc) keep us up to date with current industry practice.  Attendance at industry conferences where the opportunity to hear the experts from Overseas & Australia enables us to keep in touch with the latest teaching techniques.




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