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Teachers Role

The teacher's role is most important.

The way we conduct our classes will influence a child's attitude to water forever.

There should be no trauma associated with any swimming program especially with infants.

It is the teachers' responsibility to:

  • Provide a responsible stress free program.
  • Nurture physical and emotional development
  • Provide opportunity to learn skills and build confidence
  • Ensure each lesson is a positive enjoyable experience
  • Ensure children are not pushed beyond their capability.

Parents are often confused by opposing opinions from so-called experts and stories from irresponsible stressful programs.

  • Teachers should explain carefully to new parent's what the program is all about
  • Be very clear about what the aims and philosophies are.
  • Be sensitive to attitude of parents.
  • Be alert to any nervousness or insecurity  emanating from parents
  • Know how to recognise the signs of anxiety or stress and know how to deal with these emotions.

Continually inform and Guide parents.

  • To assist their children to build confidence and be successful.
  • To encourage the 'Shy-reticent ' parent to be more actively involved
  • To ensure the 'Pushy' parent is restrained from doing harm
  • Explain what you are doing and what the next level of expertise is.


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