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What to Bring

Infant and Toddler Classes "What to Bring"


Bathers & TowelIn cooler months also something to put on to avoid chilling whilst dressing baby ie towelling wrap or T-shirt.  Or wrap baby in a towel to keep warm while parent dresses. The air temperature in the pool area and change rooms is warm however the movement of air over wet bodies can feel cold.

Infant or Toddler

Swimmers & Towel:  All infants and toddlers are required to wear appropriate swimming nappies that fit firmly around the leg and waist to contain any possible accidents.  We recommend fabric Aqua Nappies or Huggies disposable Little Swimmers. Aqua Nappies are available for sale and Little Swimmers are stocked for emergency purposes only.

Rash tops or full suits can be worn if desired providing an aqua nappy is worn underneath.

Poncho style towels are very useful for keeping toddlers warm while parents dry themselves.

Changing Facilities

Change tables are provided in the pool area to reduce congestion in the change rooms. This enables a dry parent to change the child whilst the wet parent changes in the change rooms.

To enable other parents to also use the change tables while you are in the pool we request that clothes and towels not be left on the tables.


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