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School Aged Classes

These programs are also designed to meet the needs of children just beginning their water education and those aquatically ready to commence stroke techniques.

Our programs focus on developing basic water awareness and confidence.  Our teachers have a good understanding of the basics of sound stroke development and are in the water at all times.  The elementary survival stroke of dog paddle is taught as it is an independent stroke that can be mastered quickly prior to achieving breath control and submersion.  Once dog paddle has been mastered, pupils are introduced to freestyle and backstroke.  The emphasis is on correct body position , effective breath control and developing stroke technique.  Breast-stroke is introduced once proficient in the basic strokes of Freestyle and Backstroke.

Classes are age and ability based.  All progressions consider the aquatic and developmental readiness of the individual child.

Advanced Classes

As their skills develop pupils progress to more advanced classes where the focus is on building and improving sound stroke technique and increasing stamina.  The more complex strokes of butterfly, life saving backstroke and sidestroke are then introduced.

Junior Pre Squad

Pupils are promoted to 'Junior Pre Squad' when they have developed a good swimming technique in freestyle, backstroke and breast-stroke.  The focus is on streamlining, stroke technique improvement and stamina building.  Butterfly is developed further at this level.  The teacher is in the water to further assist with stroke correction and to refine technique.

Senior Pre Squad

Pupils are promoted from the "Junior" to "Senior Pre Squad" level when all four basic strokes have been mastered. Stroke technique is further developed, refined and reinforced to a high standard.  The environment is non competitive.

Pupils then graduate to a swimming club if they desire to continue swimming at a higher level.  

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